Our Solution

Peer Learning Solution to transform learning outcomes in your school!

SciTal’s Peer Learning Solution enables a smooth transition from a Pure Play ‘Chalk & Talk’ pedagogy, to a ‘Peer Model’ built around the concepts of Peer Learning and Activity based Pedagogy. The significant impact of this approach on Learning Outcomes and Learning Experience of students, makes a strong case for Schools to adopt the ‘SciTal Way’! Scital caters to the Non Metro underserved segment of schools that high on ‘aspiration’ but low on access to best in class pedagogy.

The key pillars of the SciTal Way are:

  • Activity based Content & Class Room Resources: Curriculum aligned Activity based lesson plans, classroom worksheets and props are designed for teachers to engage students using the peer method In-class as well as After class. Classroom resources ensure that teachers have the necessary props, and material to effectively execute activities using the Peer method.
  • Teacher Coaching & Pedagogy: Pivotal to our vision of enabling systemic, scalable impact is an effective teacher training model. SciTal offers a robust teacher coaching approach to help shift the mindset towards facilitation and enablement of learning, leveraging the power of peer groups!
  • Performance Measurement: The key to maintaining momentum is an effective model for student measurement and real-time remediation. Scital’s digital solution ensures consistent measurement of student performance through assessments, and facilitates Real time remediation, through teacher interventions, peer group interventions as well as remedial content for self learning and remediation.

Digital Platform

Beyond the classroom, and after class peer learning for homework, measurement is key. The SciTal Digital Platform offers a navigated learning experience to students which comprises assessment of current skill levels, real time remediation around teaching, peer learning as well as individualized content for personalized learning to bridge the gaps identified through assessment.

Activity based Content

Curriculum aligned content which is designed using the Activity based pedagogy. This proven approach leverages Peer to peer activities as well as Individual activities to maximize student learning outcomes and learning experience. Activities are designed for In-Class and After-Class scenarios.

Continuous Training Model

A key aspect of SciTal’s solution is continuous training of Teachers and other stakeholders to maximize the impact of the teaching learning process. This entails creating a continuous Learning Community with specialized training for different stakeholders – Teachers, Students, School Admin and Parents.

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