Our Partners

SciTal was selected as a recipient of the ELEVATE 100 Grant Award (2019) from the Govt. of Karnataka. This program is run by KITS (Karnataka Innovation Technology Society), and the Startup Cell of the Govt of Karnataka. The Idea2POC grant is designed to assist SciTal to establish Proof Concept and develop its Minimum Viable Product.


Deshpande Startups, founded by renowned Silicon Valley Icon – ‘Desh’ – Deshpande is India’s largest incubator for startups catering to Non Metro India, also known as ‘Bharat’. SciTal was selected as a part of its 2020 cohort for its much sought after incubation program.

Navigated Learning

SciTal is a member of Gooru’s ‘Navigated Learning Collaborative’ (NLC) comprising different organizations representing the multiple stakeholders that constitute the Education ecosystem ranging from Content Providers, to Tech partners, Funders, Researchers and Learning providers. All members of NLC believe deeply in the Navigated Learning Approach. This approach is designed around rigorous metrics to assess the current proficiency level of students and tech driven ‘navigated learning pathways’ to achieve the target learning outcomes.

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