About Us

Ushering the Peer Learning Movement

SciTal was born out of a deeply felt need to empower and liberate students’ lives through education. We realized that this would be possible only if the paradigm and pedagogy of education aligns with the rapidly evolving world around us.

Founded in July 2017, as an outcome of a series of experiments which highlighted the significant impact of Peer Learning and Activity based pedagogy on student learning outcomes and learning experience, SciTal’s mission is to democratize this proven approach and impact the lives of millions of students across the world. And Yes, Scital is a Hybrid Solution designed for world that we live in. By enabling Peer learning in a physical classroom, while powering After school learning using its digital peer learning platform, SciTal is designed to transform the learning experience both in classrooms and beyond!

Through our initial efforts we’ve already impacted students across the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh through 50,000 student hours of Activity based learning and we are poised to take this to the next level!

We envision a future where learning is ‘Equitable’ using an optimal combination of Peer Learning and Activity based learning in a framework where Teachers and students are a part of a Learning community which is built around the values of Empathy and Compassion.

Our focus is on serving Non Metro schools across India (Bharat!). They are underserved, aspirational and poised for a learning revolution.